Monday, 21 October 2013

Character: Week 2

In our character class last week, we learnt about shapes and the different proportions of certain characters that represent their characteristics. For our first excersize, we each got a different character to draw and I got Gru from Despicable Me. When analysing the shape of his body I recognised triangular and circular shapes,- Triangles within the shapes of characters usually mean that they're dangerous and evil whereas circular shapes are friendly and welcoming. The combination of the two does in fact describe the character of Gru very well, as we are introduced to him as villian from the start of the film however once it becomes his responsibility to look after the orphaned children, he becomes more friendly. Our task was to draw another version of our character using different shapes, so I used more circles for version 2, making Gru more friendlier than he already looks.

Our next task was to use different styles in character design. I personally feel more comfortable drawing more realistic characters, so I started off by drawing a fantasy based character that I stumbled across, in the style I prefer to draw in. Then I simplified the character by excluding certain details and the shading. 

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